June 19, 2010

Marigold sweater

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I saw this little sweetheart and finally, I thought, here is the pattern for my Jo Sharp in Brocade. Beautiful. I plan on wearing this to the wedding of my dear friend A in the US in September, with a black retro dress.

I modifed the pattern to work it in the round, and added a selvage stitch at each end to make it easier to pick up for the button band later on. I worked 13 inches total for the body, cutting 1 inch off the ribbing length to account for my short back. I also worked the ribbing on 3.5mm needles, while the body is worked on 4mm needles. I thought that this would help to create a nice nipped in silhouette.

I’m now about to divide for the armholes, and I think it should be pretty easy to work this without even putting stitches on hold, as the cable I’m using is much longer than it needs to be. I ended on a Round 4.

Stitch counts

47 (right side +1) – 94 (back) – 47 (left side +1)

Next row (round 1): knit to 5 stitches before marker, BO next 10 sts (removing marker), work across to 5 stitches before 2nd marker, BO next 10 sts, work to end.

This will leave me with the Left side to continue working as per the pattern, remembering the selvage stitch. I plan to finish the left side, finish the back, and then finish the front, leaving all stitches live until all pieces are worked. I will then use a 3 needle bind off to create the shoulder seams.

Hopefully it all works!


June 3, 2010

Jeeves socks

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So I thought I would make some of these socks for my man, whose feet are beginning to feel the winter in our house. I’ve some lovely tweedy Bendigo Woollen Mills in a squooshy 8 ply, so I cast on last night and am about to do the heel flap.

I found the pattern instructions as written very confusing to follow. I’m much more visually oriented, so I converted the pattern into a chart.

The legend is cut off, but the dots are purl and the plain is knit. The pattern itself actually repeats over 8 stitches and 16 rows.

Watching the Jeeves and Wooster series, with a cup of tea, while making some Jeeves socks, before retiring to bed with Wodehouse’s Life at Blandings… ah, winter doesn’t get much better than this.

March 4, 2010

greetings from a knitting addict

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I know, I know. There are so many knitting blogs out there. Trust me – I refer to them constantly! I wanted to call this blog Yarn Hussy in honour, in fact, of one of my favourite knitting bloggers, the Yarn Harlot. There’s loads of information out there these days, and many different styles of knitting, lots of mnemonics for things, and millions of patterns. I’m on Ravelry every day. I know this.

Nevertheless, another blog. The focus here is going to be on my own adventures in knitting land. The patterns I’m working on, the alterations I make, the mistakes, the tinking, the frustration, and the maths. Maybe it will be useful to you 🙂